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Crazy Laws On The Books In Ohio

1. Youngstown (Mahoning County) ain’t got time for indecency. A city ordinance forbids “indecent or blasphemous play, farce, operetta, public exhibition, show, or entertainment.”

high heels


2. In the Village of Glendale (Hamilton County), it’s unlawful to allow your ducks to run at large.

duck at large


3. In Toledo (Lucas County), it’s a misdemeanor to throw (or pitch, knock, toss, or bat) a ball in the street

space jam


4. Coshocton (Coshocton County) looks unfavorably on people making “Yo’ Mama” jokes at shopping centers.

yo mama joke


5. In Bay Village (Cuyahoga County), you can’t ride your horse down a freeway.

horse down freeway


6. In the Village of Lowellville (Mahoning County), you can’t use your house for the storage of rags or junk.

house of junk


7. In Marietta (Washington County), the Bailiff of the Municipal Court is permitted an annual uniform allowance of $100.00, to be used for things like trousers; britches; caps; rain covers for caps; reefers; shoulder patches; and insignia.



8. It’s illegal to harbor whales in Perrysburg (Wood County) – they pose a danger to property and human life in the event they escape.