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Examples Of Our Case Results

$4 Million+ : Medical Malpractice Resulting in Death

In two separate incidents at an Ohio hospital, communication breakdowns led to disastrous outcomes. Employees of the hospital failed to relay vital information about the patients to key caregivers in a timely manner, resulting in death. In both instances, the parties reached confidential settlements.

$2.8 Million: Birth Injury

We represented a baby who suffered life-altering consequences when caregivers failed to respond to a non-reassuring EFM (electronic fetal monitoring) strip. The baby suffered birth asphyxia, cerebral palsy, and spastic quadriplegia.

$2.25 Million: Medical Malpractice

We represented a 60-year-old man who underwent multilevel laminectomy with placement of hardware. The patient’s caregivers failed to appreciate ominous post-operative symptoms, signaling development of a spinal epidural hematoma. The patient developed permanent C5 quadriplegia.

$2.25 Million: Birth Injury

We obtained a settlement for a baby born with physical disabilities due to obstetric malpractice. The baby suffered from oxygen deprivation prior to her delivery that led to permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy. As a result, she will require daily supervision for the rest of her life.

$2.25 Million: Medical Malpractice in Pediatric Patient

Untreated abdominal distension caused by a perforated duodenum led to cardiac arrest in a two-year-old. As a result, the child will remain in a vegetative state for the rest of her life.

$1.8 Million: Medical Malpractice

Our client reported severe back pain over the course of several hospital visits. His severe back pain was spontaneous and unrelated to recent injury or trauma. Caregivers failed to order an MRI, which would have revealed a spinal epidural abscess. When the abscess was finally diagnosed, our client had already suffered permanent paralysis.

$1.25 Million: Medical Malpractice Resulting in Death

As our client underwent routine knee surgery, the anesthesiologist somehow neglected to monitor our client’s ventilator. As a result, our client suffered a gradual anoxic brain injury (inadequate oxygen to the brain), leading to his death. To its credit, the malpractice insurer for the anesthesiologist settled promptly after we filed a lawsuit because we were able to set forth the clear evidence against the anesthesiologist.