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Our Top 10 Local Pizza Picks!

Friday night means pizza night! Columbus is home to a host of delicious (and LOCAL) pizza places. Here are some of Beausay & Nichols’ top recommendations:

1. Tommy’s Pizza – three locations: Upper Arlington, Dublin, Campus

Tommy’s Pizza has been a fixture in Columbus for over 60 years. Its pizza has a thin, cracker-y crust that is still substantial enough for those who typically favor thick crust. This is Sara’s top pick. Give Tommy’s a shot (you won’t be sorry!), but be prepared for a wait, especially on game days. Yes, it’s that good.

2. Sparano’s Pizza – 3590 Trabue Road, Columbus, 43204

Sparano’s Pizza is located in San Margherita. (Fun fact: San Margherita was settled in the early 1900s by Italian immigrants working for the Marble Cliff Quarry Company.) Sparano’s is the “Home of the Heavy-Duty Pizza,” which features pepperoni, sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, banana peppers, and extra cheese. We assume that it’s good, but Sparano’s plain old cheese pizza can’t be beat.

3. Carlucci’s Pizzeria – 8757 Smoky Row Road, Powell, 43065 (second location in Dublin)

Carlucci’s Pizza is one of Jake’s picks, and we’re pretty sure he it on speed dial. Carlucci’s takes pride in ensuring you get the best product: dough is scratch-prepared, meats are freshly-sliced, and pizzas are cooked in old-style. We at Beausay & Nichols believe this creates a “different heat,” resulting in a crisp crust that fills your belly. Lucky for us, Carlucci’s Pizza is just up the road from the firm!

4. Figlio – two Columbus locations: Grandview, Upper Arlington

Figlio is our top pick for a more upscale dining experience. The wood-fired pizza caters to more complex palates. (Sara prefers the Truffled Mushroom pizza; Jeff does not.) If you favor more traditional recipes, go for the “Create Your Own” option. Figlio has been around since 1991, with two locations in the Columbus market.

5. Iacono’s – two locations: Shawnee Hills and Kenny Road

Iacono’s (the Kenny Road location) is nestled in a non-descript strip mall. But don’t pass it by. The pizza is traditional thin-crust and pairs beautifully with Iacono’s well-stocked salad bar with homemade dressings. Bonus: the restaurant is a throw-back to the 70s.

6. Meister’s Pizza – 1168 Chambers Road, Columbus, 43212

Meister’s Pizza is located within Meister’s Bar in Grandview. (Check out Facebook to learn more about each.) The bar itself is divey, but in a good way (comfortable; no pretenses). As for the pizza: it’s Chicago-style deep-deep, and it’s a real gut-buster. If you can eat more than four slices in one sitting, let us know. We haven’t met anyone who can beat this.

7. Enrico’s Pizza & Restaurant – 5788 Frantz Road, Dublin, 43016

Jeff enthusiastically picked Enrico’s Pizza for inclusion on this list. Enrico’s Pizza remains family-run, as it has been since its inception in the 1980s. It has earned accolades, including this January 2018 review in Columbus Alive, and a rating of 4.6 / 5 according to over 350 reviewers on Google. Not too shabby. The pizza is described as thin-medium and crisped to perfection. (Photo credit: Columbus Alive)

8. Plank’s Café & Pizzeria – 743 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, 43206

Plank’s has been a Columbus institution for 80 years. Located in South Columbus / German Village, it is still run by the Plank family. Check it out for its history, come back for its pizza!

9. Adriatico’s – 1618 Neil Avenue, Columbus, 43201

If you’re an OSU alum, you know Adriatico’s. If you’re not, you should meet Adriatico’s. Located on OSU’s Main Campus and known for it’s square-cut, deep-dish Sicilian-style crust, Adriatico’s boasts a Buckeye-size pizza that feeds 10-12 people. Brave the Campus parking and check out Adriatico’s!

10. Rotolo’s Pizza – 1749 West Fifth Avenue, Columbus, 43212

Rotolo’s Pizza was a Friday night tradition in Sara’s house growing up. Rotolo’s is a family-owned joint, featuring hand-tossed crust, with a healthy smattering of provolone cheese. Rotolo’s Pizza was recognized by Los Angeles Magazine, the Hollywood Issue, as one of America’s Finest Pizzerias (top ten). Find out why.

Have we missed one of your favorite pizza places? Let us know so we can try it, and we might include in a follow up list!