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Was Your Doctor’s Diagnosis Wrong? Was It Too Late?

We trust our doctors to evaluate, diagnose and treat our maladies properly. But doctors are human, and they sometimes make errors — errors that can cost innocent patients their health and happiness. Patients who suffer because of a diagnostic delay or error have the right to seek compensation and hold their doctors accountable.

Beausay & Nichols Law Firm represents patients in Ohio whose misdiagnoses or delayed diagnoses result in serious injury. We have over 40 years of combined experience advocating for people just like you, whose doctors’ errors harmed them.

What Are The Criteria For Misdiagnosis Or Delayed Diagnosis?

Not every instance of a doctor making an inaccurate diagnosis qualifies as malpractice. To hold your doctor liable for your damages, these criteria must be present:

  • You and the doctor in question had a patient-doctor relationship
  • A different doctor in similar circumstances would not have missed or delayed the diagnosis
  • Your doctor did not act in a skillful and competent manner when making the diagnosis
  • Your doctor considered the accurate diagnosis, but failed to order the information or tests to make the correct diagnosis
  • This negligence exacerbated your illness or caused another injury

Determining the presence of these criteria is very difficult. Fortunately, our skilled medical malpractice attorneys have years of experience researching and assessing these cases to establish liability.

Why Time Is So Important

There are strict deadlines for cases involving diagnostic delays and errors. If you miss this window, you may not be eligible for compensation. It is imperative to contact us as soon as possible so we can meet every necessary deadline.

Ask A Lawyer About Diagnostic Malpractice

To determine whether your doctor was negligent when diagnosing your illness, contact Beausay & Nichols Law Firm. One of our skilled attorneys will evaluate your case and help you determine the course of action best for you.

Beausay & Nichols Law Firm provides consultations. For personal injury and medical malpractice, give us a call at 614-529-3476 or you can also reach us online.