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Experienced Lawyers For Surgical Errors

If you have undergone a surgery that resulted in an unintended result, you may have questions about what happened. Surgery is complex and an unintended result can occur for a variety of reasons – sometimes the fault of the surgeon.

If you believe that you are the survivor of a surgical injury, Beausay & Nichols Law Firm can help you. With decades of combined experience helping personal injury victims, we know how to fight for you to recover as much compensation as possible for your damages.

We can assist you if you experienced a surgical error, including:

  • A foreign object left inside your body
  • An incision in the wrong location
  • Operation on the wrong area of the body
  • Improper administration of medication
  • Incompetent surgical techniques

No one should have to suffer because of a surgeon or other medical professional’s negligence. With our help, you can hold the negligent party accountable.

What Is A Surgical Error?

Some surgeries are not successful. Even with a competent surgeon who exercises proper caution, some surgeries can result in adverse effects — even death. This does not necessarily indicate malpractice.

Surgical errors that result from negligence, or the failure of a medical professional to meet an acceptable level of care, are considered malpractice. If you and your lawyer can demonstrate that your surgeon, nurse or hospital did not meet an acceptable level of care, then you may seek compensation.

We have decades of combined experience handling cases involving surgical errors. If you believe you have suffered from a surgical mistake, call us to discuss the case. We will use our experience to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Are There Deadlines For Surgical Malpractice Cases?

Ohio imposes strict statutes of limitations for lawsuits involving medical malpractice. You must file your claim within one year from the date of injury. Because Beausay & Nichols Law Firm has handled hundreds of surgical error cases, we can ensure that you meet every deadline on time.

Get A Free Consultation About Surgical Errors

At our office in Columbus, you can discuss your surgery and we will evaluate your case. For personal injury and medical malpractice, we are your 614-529-3476. You can also schedule a consultation by sending us an email.