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Choose The Right Lawyer

Find a lawyer you like and trust. Give us a chance to sit down with you, learn more about your case and explain why we would be an excellent choice. We are happy to discuss your case and meet with you, with no fee and no obligation on your part.

In choosing the right lawyer, consider the following:


Choosing the “best” lawyer for your case is important. It is trite, but true: There is no substitute for experience. We have been at this for over 40 years, so we know a thing or two. But even more important than experience is hiring a lawyer who cares about you. Try to find a lawyer who has the time and energy to give your case the attention it requires.


Probably the best way to judge a lawyer’s skills is by his or her results. We have handled thousands of very serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, and our results speak for themselves. Our goal is to maximize the settlement/verdict potential of every single case. Please see our Case Results page for details.

Communication (Quantity And Quality)

Communication between lawyer and client is critical. Communications must be early and often. We know the importance of promptly returning all calls, letters and emails. We use all forms of electronic communication so that our clients can always reach us, no matter where we are.


Find an attorney who shares your goals and values. We will maximize your recovery in a professional and ethical manner. We value regular contact with our clients. We want your input in decision-making. Our values include professionalism in our conduct toward others and — in the end — “justice for all.”

Call Or Meet Us For A Free Consultation

If you would like to talk with one of the attorneys at Beausay & Nichols Law Firm in a free, noncommittal consultation, please call 614-529-3476 or email us. We are proud to serve people in Columbus and throughout Ohio. We have practiced law in every county in Ohio.