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Do I really need to replace my bike helmet?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Personal Injury

Riding your bike can be an exciting combination of freedom and exercise. The wind in your face and the burn in your muscles can be rewarding and relaxing.

Part of being a safe bicyclist is wearing a helmet. You rely on your helmet to protect you if you are in a crash, but it is equally essential to ensure your helmet is ready to do its job.

Here’s what you should know about when to replace your helmet.

After every single crash

Your bike helmet may feel like it is designed to take a beating. While your bike helmet can likely withstand one crash, you cannot expect it to keep you safe from additional crashes.

Bike helmets consist of a few layers that work together to protect you. When you fall, those layers are damaged. They cannot provide the same level of protection, so you need to replace your helmet after every fall, even if it still looks like it is intact.

Every five years

Your rides on your bike might be relatively uneventful. You may go years without a tumble. However, just because you have not crashed does not mean your helmet is good forever.

The current recommendation is to replace your helmet about every five years. As your helmet ages, the materials break down, and the outdoor elements can cause your helmet to degrade.

Additionally, helmet technology advances all the time. While it may not be worth it to buy a new helmet every year, getting one every few years ensures you have updated technology to keep you safe on your rides.

While the expense can seem to add up, replacing your helmet is an essential part of staying safe on your bike.