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UPDATE: HB 197 to Extend Statutes Of Limitations In Ohio During State Of Emergency

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Firm News, Ohio

On March 23, we reported that the current COVID-19 crisis had yet to affect statutes of limitations (and other important case deadlines) in Ohio. As with so much during this time, things have changed.

Yesterday, Ohio’s General Assembly passed HB 197 with amendments, which, among other things, extends statutes of limitations during the current state of emergency. Governor DeWine is expected to sign the bill shortly, and we’ll let you know once this happens.

Here are the details of Section 22, subparts A, B and C in plain English:

  • Statutes of limitations and other significant civil case deadlines that would have otherwise passed / expired are now EXTENDED until July 30, 2020 or until the termination of the Governor’s March 9, 2020 Order; and
  • This extension applies retroactively to the date of the Governor’s Order (March 9, 2020).

Therefore, if you have a civil cause of action with a statute of limitations set to expire between March 9, 2020 and July 30, 2020, HB 197 provides that the period of time has not yet expired and will not expire until July 30, 2020 or until the termination of the Governor’s March 9, 2020 Order.

Practically speaking, what does this mean? In our opinion, it does NOT mean you should rest on your laurels. We at Beausay & Nichols err on the side of caution whenever possible. If you believe you have a case, contact an attorney immediately to determine how to be proactive in preparing your case for the civil justice system. We’re here to help and happy to conduct remote consultations for the duration of Governor DeWine’s Stay at Home Order. 614-529-3476.