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Car Accident Hits Close to Home

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Injuries

An article like this hits to close to home for Central Ohioans. Indeed, Jeff and I live just minutes away from the ramp in Hilliard where this tragedy occurred. In a situation like this, how can an attorney help you and your family recover and determine whether another driver is legally responsible for your injuries?

First, we look to the records of law enforcement and first responders. This information is commonly found in traffic crash reports, but may also be obtained through other sources, like 911 dispatch records and even within your own medical records.

Second, we can engage crash reconstruction experts to help determine important details of an accident, like speed, direction, and actions of the involved drivers just before impact.

Third, we can obtain, through the process of discovery, relevant information about the other driver. In a case with facts similar to the one mentioned in the Columbus Dispatch article, for example, the semi-driver’s compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Rules and Regulations is relevant. It is also relevant whether the semi-driver was employed by another company at the time of the accident.

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