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Faulty vehicle components can increase your risk in a car

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Car Accidents

If you had to imagine the common causes of motor vehicle accidents, you would likely list issues like impaired driving, distracted driving and even drowsy driving. Although you wouldn’t be wrong by including those items on the list, you would be overlooking an important factor that contributes to a significant number of collisions and serious vehicle issues every year.

Poorly made vehicles or vehicles that include faulty components are also a risk factor for anyone on the road. Problems with one individual part of a vehicle can increase the risk of the whole vehicle failing and causing a crash. Even more worrying is the fact that some of these product defects cause safety critical issues.

They could increase the risk of losing control of your vehicle or even of catastrophic events, such as your vehicle failing to stop or your engine catching fire. If you have experienced a motor vehicle collision in recent months that left you with substantial financial losses due to property damage or injuries, you should explore whether faulty components in any of the vehicles could have contributed to the resulting collision.

Unsafe vehicles endanger everyone on the road

Vehicle makers are apt to issue a recall when they discover a faulty component or problem with the design of their vehicles. Recalls typically involve consumers returning their vehicles to a dealership to have work done.

Replacement parts and necessary service are usually free for the consumers of these vehicles. However, because of the expense involved in product recalls, some manufacturers may put off issuing a recall until it is obvious that the issues affect a significant number of vehicles.

You need to look no further than recent car recalls related to the risk of a potential fire. Faulty fuel injectors made it more likely for 75,000 Audi vehicles to catch fire. That could happen during an unpredictable leak or when a vehicle suffers damage in a crash. A vehicle on fire could prove fatal for the people inside, even if the original crash was not so serious.

Consumers have rights when businesses cause them injury

When the negligence or oversight of a company in product design or component testing results in a crash that injures you or damages your property, you may have legal rights. Options could range from taking part in a mass tort to filing an individual personal injury lawsuit against the appropriate parties.

Exploring the circumstances of your crash with an experienced personal injury attorney is a good first step toward holding someone accountable for the injuries and losses you suffered in a car crash due to faulty or recalled components.