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Is the nursing home liable for my loved one’s sepsis?

Elderly people in nursing homes can be particularly vulnerable to infections, and this is why it is important that nursing home caregivers ensure that all their residents are properly examined and taken care of. Sepsis is one of the most serious and time-sensitive infections that nursing home residents can suffer from. If it is not detected early, it can lead to extremely serious injuries, unnecessary suffering and even death.

If your loved one has suffered from sepsis in a nursing home in the state of Ohio, it is important that you consider whether the nursing home could have prevented the extent of the suffering. In order to do this, you should take the time to understand the law in Ohio when it comes to personal injury and negligence.

Why are the elderly at such a high risk of developing sepsis?

Those with weakened immune systems are at a greater risk of developing sepsis. Most elderly people do have weakened immune systems, and this is why nursing homes should be particularly vigilant.

What are the early signs of sepsis?

The first signs of sepsis should be enough for nursing home residents to take the appropriate action in getting medical professionals involved. When a person starts to show signs of having sepsis, they most often have a temperature that is very hot or very cold. It is likely to be more than 101.3 or less than 95 degrees. They may also have rapid breathing, and a heart rate of more than 90 beats per minute. These symptoms in an elderly person should be enough for a caretaker to seek immediate medical attention.

How can I show that a nursing home was negligent in regard to my loved one’s sepsis?

Any delay in seeking medical attention could lead to the elderly person going into septic shock. They will need to receive IV antibiotics as a matter of urgency in order to survive sepsis. Therefore, if you can show that caregivers in the nursing home delayed taking action, you will likely be able to make negligence charges.

It is important that you equip yourself with your legal rights and take appropriate action to hold the nursing home responsible for their negligent actions.