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Ohio Law: Foliage blocking stop signs

| Aug 7, 2018 | Car Accidents

Pelletier v. City of Campbell, 2018 Ohio 2121

The Ohio Supreme Court held that a political subdivisions have no duty to remove foliage blocking stop signs. The case involves Ohio’s immunity statute (RC 2744.02(B)(3)), which immunizes political subdivisions (counties, townships, etc.) from lawsuits

Political subdivisions may be held liable for injury caused by the “negligent failure to remove obstructions from public roads.” RC 2744.02(B)(3). The Supreme Court held that the word “from” means the obstruction must be physically “on” the stop sign or roadway for the statute to apply.

Majority: Kennedy; O’Donnell; French; Fischer; DeWine

Dissenting: O’Connor; Harsha (sitting for Degenaro)