What Is Product Liability?

"Product liability" is the legal term for injuries caused by a defective product. Product liability is different than negligence (carelessness): The maker or seller of a product is liable for injuries caused by a product defect, even if the maker or seller was not negligent.

Under Ohio law, product defects include:

  • Inadequate safety precautions
  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing or construction defects
  • the failure of a product to conform to representations made by the maker or seller
  • Inadequate warning or instruction

Who Is Liable For Defective Product Injuries?

Usually the seller and manufacturer of the product are liable for injuries caused by product defects.

Product liability cases are usually more complicated than ordinary personal injury cases. You are usually dealing with a large company or commercial insurance company with abundant resources. Very few attorneys will take on product liability cases; we love them.

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