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Beausay & Nichols’ Safety Series

Part Three: 10 of Ohio’s Most Dangerous Urban Roads

Last week, we brought you a list of 10 of Ohio’s Most Dangerous Suburban Roads. The week before, we kicked off this series with a list of 10 of Ohio’s Most Dangerous Rural Roads. We now conclude with a similar list of dangerous URBAN roadways, compiled from Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)’s 2018 Highway Safety Improvement Program.


10 of Ohio’s Most Dangerous Urban Roads

County Location Intersection / Segment Average Observed Crashes Per Year (from 2014 to 2018)
Cuyahoga Cleveland I-90 ramp at I-490 1245.84
Summit Akron I-77 ramp at I-76 973.38
Mayfield Heights I-271 at Mayfield Road interchange 628.73
Butler Hamilton SR-129 at Hampshire Drive 527.59
Montgomery Dayton Miamisburg-Centerville Road just west of I-75 452.62
Summit Akron OH-8 at East Tallmadge Avenue 378.79
Lake Painesville SR-2 at Richmond 361.77
Hamilton Cincinnati I-275 at South Gilmore Road 353.23
Franklin Columbus I-270 at Morse Road (Easton Area) 345.63
Franklin Columbus I-670 around Neil Avenue exit 340.07